CodeIgniter HMVC object_to_array() error


Muncul error

An uncaught Exception was encountered

Type: Error

Message: Call to undefined method MY_Loader::_ci_object_to_array()

Filename: /Users/k1ut2/Sites/

Line Number: 300


File: /Users/k1ut2/Sites/ Line: 23 Function: view

File: /Users/k1ut2/Sites/ Line: 315 Function: require_once


pada file application/third_party/MX/Loader.php (sekitar line 300…)

return $this->_ci_load(array('_ci_view' => $view, '_ci_vars' => $this->_ci_object_to_array($vars), '_ci_return' => $return));

replace dengan script di bawah ini

if (method_exists($this, '_ci_object_to_array'))
 return $this->_ci_load(array('_ci_view' => $view, '_ci_vars' => $this->_ci_object_to_array($vars), '_ci_return' => $return));
} else {
 return $this->_ci_load(array('_ci_view' => $view, '_ci_vars' => $this->_ci_prepare_view_vars($vars), '_ci_return' => $return));

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