[UPDATE!!!] Prediction and RAW Naruto Manga Chapter 546


Naruto Prediction, RAW, And SpoilerSetelah di chapter 545 kemarin Bee dan Naruto berhasil menembus dinding pertahanan yang dibuat untuk melindungi mereka dari serangan musuh, mereka bertemu zetsu-san yang bertransformasi “ShiroZetsu“. Pasukan ini tidak dapat mati karena mereka termasuk zombie. Sedangkan sel Shodaime Hokage sudah dimiliki oleh Madara sehingga dia bisa mengkloning dirinya sebanyak mungkin.

Tapi Naruto juga tidak kalah hebat, setelah latihan dengan Bee Killer, dia berhasil menguasai kyuubi dan membuat beberapa jurus baru seperti rasenrengan, rasenkyuugan, dan mini-rasenshuriken.


Naruto akan bertemu Sasuke terlebih dahulu dan melawannya. Setelah pertarungan yang tidak terlalu sengit, dia berhasil mengembalikan jati diri Sasuke dan membuang kebenciannya.

Sedangkan Ninja Aliansi sudah kehabisan pasukan dan hampir kalah. Saat itu naruto, sasuke dan bee datang untuk mengambil alih pertempuran. Bee mengatasi pasukan kecil madara, dan Sasuke + Naruto menghadapi Super Big Boss, Madara…

Well, ini hanya prediksi saya.

Punya pendapat?

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After yesterday Bee in chapter 545 and Naruto managed to penetrate the wall of defenses designed to protect them from enemy attacks, they met Zetsu-san who transformed “ShiroZetsu”. These forces can not die because they include zombies. Meanwhile, the Hokage Shodaime cells have been owned by Madara so he could clone himself as much as possible.

But Naruto is also not less powerful, after training with Killer Bee, he managed to master the kyuubi and make some new moves like rasenrengan, rasenkyuugan, and mini-Rasenshuriken.


Naruto Sasuke in advance will meet and fight it. After the fight is not too fierce, he managed to restore the identity of Sasuke and discard hatred.

While Ninja Alliance had run out of troops and nearly lost. It was Naruto, Sasuke and the bee came to take over the battle. Bee overcome the small force Madara, and Naruto facing Sasuke + Super Big Boss, Madara …

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by: apacolypz

Naruto 546: Naruto VS Madara: Test of Power

Naruto’s clone is standing a top Garahiro focusing his natural energy. Bee is fighting a swarm of Zetzu’s beneath-

Naruto: ” Bee once we’re done here we will meet up at HQ.”
Bee: “Alright glowbro, Let me finish this toe to toe and i’ll be there yo.”

Switch Scenes

A dashing figure is seem flashing through out barracks-

Naruto: ” I believe that is the rest of them.”
He sighs and turns his sights toward an approaching Madara.

Madara glares his fiery eyes at Naruto-
Madara:Chuckling-“So it seems Kisame was correct. You have been awarded some promising abilities. To sense one’s evil intent…Even with all that strength Naruto, it still will not be enough.”

Naruto: “I will make it enough, I have not come this far to fail now! All there is to it is to defeat you!”

Madara-Thinking to himself:”This could be the perfect time to test his strength against my own.”

Naruto flashes ahead to punch Madara in the face, Madara phases away one sixty to dodge his attack.

Madara:”You are very fast but even Kisame overrated your spe….!!”

Without finishing his statement a clone smashes into Madara’s back with a huge rasengan.


The two Narutos’ flash throwing rasenshurikens at Madara as he lay kneeled down.


Madara’s eye’s widen, Madara repels the two Rasenshuriken’s right as they are about to land.

Naruto is shocked at his resilience. Naruto forms six rasengans around his cloak. Naruto darts toward the now standing Madara. Six long arms reach out of his cloak slinging in a curve the glowing rasengans toward Madara.

Madara:”CHILDISH!” Madara circulates himself with loud screeching winds.
As he stands to guard himself with his jutsu the rasengans approach with rapid speed. The first one implodes without notice right in front of Madara’s sternum. His sphere of harsh winds stops spinning. As the remaining few are a millisecond from hitting, Madara warps away without a trace.

Naruto searches the scene cautiously as he prepares himself for a attack.
Madara is no where to be found. Naruto tries to pick up his twisted mind. Naruto:”This can not be this extent of his ability.”

A voice is heard-Madara: HaHaHa IT ISN’T BOY! IS THIS THE EXTENT OF YOUR POWER????!!”

Madara phases back into view. He is shown will little damage. Naruto is shocked at his appearance. Naruto:”So it’s true, you are immortal..”

Madara: “I am more than just the word nine tails. I am the ultimate existence!” “There is no greater power known and I will show you.” As he concludes the land under Naruto is shaking.

Naruto:”OH REALLY! IT WON”T BE SO EASY!” Naruto attempts to run away from Madara. Madara takes out his fan and swings. Madara: “Firestorm!” A huge wild fire as wide as about 100 feet is seen racing behind the glimmering Naruto. Naruto stops and turns toward the towering flames. His eyes flicker yellow with a slanted pupil. Naruto hurls a huge rasenshuriken toward the gloating Madara. The fire clears as it hits the spinning pool of chakra. Leaving a safe trail for Naruto to get through. Madara springs up from the earth nine huge domino like slabs of rock in front of him. The rasenshuriken hits crushing the rocks one by one. Madara slings forward the last slab in front of him to cripple the decreasing power of the rasenshuriken. Naruto now sneaks in at the side of Madara and launches a mighty kick. Madara surrounds himself in thick raiton armor. Naruto:!?!?!, He takes Naruto’s kick and grab’s him by the throat.

Madara starts sucking in Naruto. Madara: “YOU’RE MINE! I WILL HAVE YOU AND SUCCEED WHERE I FAILED 16 YEARS AGO!” Naruto: “RASENGAN RIOT!!!!” Madara is thrown back into field. Naruto;”You came into my home!,You killed my parents!, You took my friend! and now you want to take the one thing that doubts me most! NAH! NOT HAPPENING! I HAVE A PROMISE TO KEEP!”

Madara: “You are such a fool, just like your father. To be able to even touch me! You have developed some useful jutsu UZUMAKI!”

Madara is badly hurt, he has serious wounds all over.
Naruto runs toward Madara holding his hand in a sign.

Naruto:”Tajuu Kagebushin no jutsu!” Clones form in a running boomerang toward Madara. Naruto:”MINI RASENSHURIKENS!” The clones dash out around Madara shooting out mutilple mini-RS. Madara: “ShinraTensei!!!!”
Madara is shown standing tall with no harm inflicted by Naruto’s storm of mini-RS’s.

Madara warps behind Naruto to stab him with a kunai. Naruto stands perfectly still. As the imminent blade is about to slash Naruto three arms rush out from Naruto’s cloak slashing Madara’s chest plate deeply. Naruto:”RASENGAN VACCUM!!!” Madara is sucked into the fray of Naruto’s attack. With a loud explosion the rasengan dissipates. The explosion is heard across the land. The smoke starts to settle as Naruto looks on. Naruto:”……” The smoke clears and in the view of Naruto’s red piercing eyes stand six figures. Naruto:”gasp!”

Madara: “We will continue this another time UZUMAKI!…In my stead will be Sasuke. That stage will present a most entertaining show.”

As Naruto heads toward the former hosts his rikkudo cloak vanishes.

Roshi:”Looks like it is time to come with us nine tails.”

Naruto slows down holding the back of his head grinning toward the group.
He bows down and starts to speak. Naruto:”Sorry guys, but it looks like I am going to have to beat some sense into your asses!” Naruto raises his head, his eyes are focused brilliantly toward his enemies. Naruto looks ahead in Sage mode revealing little chance of letting up.

Scene Switches-

Bee and Naruto are seen heading through a forrest toward HQ. RSM Naruto clone:”Bee!” RSM Naruto clone pops with a cloud of smoke. Bee:”He’s in trouble, gotta find him on the double!” Out of the blue a frail voice is heard. Nagato:”Maybe we can help.” Nagato walks at his side is Itachi.

by: Jericho Uzumaki

Naruto 546: The Arrival

Naruto is spread all over the battlefield aiding them with the Zetsu. Bee , a shadow clone and Giant Toad are fending off a swarm of Zetsu.


Shika: “good Job Naruto keep it up!”
He backs away from Ino, to face the Kages.

Raikage: “well?”
Shika: “working just as planned, he has shadow cloned and is aiding all the camps with discovering the white things, plus for some reason they are reverting back to trees when encountering Naruto.”

Tsunade thinking, {hmmm, Yamato did say Naruto amplified his power when in this new form. Could he be causing these things to lose control of the 1st DNA?}

Shika, “I think we are thinking the same thing lady Tsunade, if he has this effect on the white things then maybe he will have the same on Madara? With his abilities and immortality, this may be the only chance we have.”

Raikage, “let’s just hope Grand son doesn’t get himself captured.”
Tsunade, {Grand son? Naruto you have done it again.}

Naruto is fighting the last of his Zetsu.
“there, that should be the last of them.”

A Voice, “I wouldn’t take a break now if I were you.”
Naruto turns around to see…, “Kabuto?!”

Kabuto, “yes it is I, Lord Orochimaru’s protégé , settle down, I didn’t come here to fight you.”
Naruto, {It’s true, I sense no evil intent from him, he is full of anger, but it isn’t directed towards me.}

Kabuto hands him a slip of paper.
Naruto, “what is this?”

Kabuto, “a chakra map, it is a tune to your DNA and chakra, do not ask me how I got your DNA. Just don’t die anytime soon. I might be tempted to bring you back.”

He turns to leave.
Naruto, “Wait, where does this lead me and why are you helping me?”
Kabuto, “It leads to your victory, and I am not helping you Naruto, I am helping myself.”

Madara is traveling with his Paths, “without Zetsu, or a marker I won’t know exactly where The Jinks are. Guess I will have to send my eyes to every point of the battlefield.”

They all look at Madara then disperse in different directions. Madara is alone.
Suddenly he looks and sees something.

“I see, just a few hundred yards, this will be easy.”
We see, Naruto standing in RS mode with his back to us. Then Madara’s fan and leg are shown landing.

Naruto turns around, “You! Good, we can end this now!”
Madara, “what no speech, no trying to get me to see the errors of my ways? I thought you wanted peace?”

Bee comes up behind Naruto on top of Giant Toad. (which now tells us this is the Shadow clone Naruto)
Naruto, “I do.”

He disappears.

Madara, “?!”
Behind him, “but you in the way!”

He swings and connects to his jaw but then he passes through him.
Before he lands he disappears.

Madara, {he is fast, didn’t anticipate his speed. He is also not staying still too long, he is good.}

Naruto, {okay now how do I touch a guy that is untouchable?” —Naruto, this is Shika, Madara has the DNA of the 1st just like those white things did, so…”—-Got it!}

Madara, “I know Genjutsu won’t work on you presently. I guess this will have to be the old fashioned way.”

He pulls a sword form his back hidden behind the war fan.
They go towards each other.
Madara swings the sword Naruto ducks and tries to kick when Madara grabs his leg.
Holding him upside down, “You fool, all I needed was a moment.”

He starts sucking him into his eye.

Bee, “Naruto!!”

The Toad puts his foot in front of Bee to stop him.
Naruto has small FRS on each of his fingers he tosses them into the swirl.

Madara dropping him, “what did you just do?!”
Naruto makes the gravity rasengan and stuffs in in before Madara closes it.
Madara is holding his head and stumbling around, “You little son of a bitch!”

He grabs his chest, suddenly braches start growing out of it. They start sprouting all over except his right arm.
Naruto, “No more talking.”

He makes two rasengan that are very big and he is running towards him.
“get back!”

A force throws Naruto and bee back even big toad Is moved.

Madara is on one knee holding up his right hand.
“I am the new Sage of 6 paths! You shall not touch me again!”

Naruto is on his back about to get up when a pair of feet appear behind him.
“I do believe it is my time to step in.”

It is Nagato with his original members of Akataski including Konan with Itachi as well.
Naruto and Bee stand up surprised.
Madara looking on, “so it begins Kabuto.”

Naruto 547: Battle of the Sages
by: woody

Naruto 546:

The Naruto Kage-Bunshins Spread across the battlefield searching the Zetsu clones.
Bee: “Yo bro, which one do i follow”


Raikage: “It seems that bringing that little pup may have been the right thing do after all.:
Tsunade: “Yes, but we still don’t have an answer for the real problem. Madara is still out of our reach and we have no idea how many more of these Edo Tensei’s Kabuto has and can still make. This war is far from over Raikage.”
Raikage: “I know that woman!”


Bee and Naruto are standing back to back
Bee: “they’re all taken care of here brother, how are you handling all the others?”
Naruto: I’ve got a lock on almost all of them. i’ve taken out about half of them already.”

A Voice, “and a half is all you will be going to get my little Jinchurriki”
Naruto and bee are suddenly surrounded in a large circle by 6 people, as he turns he see’s a 7th on the outside.

Naruto: Madara!!
Madara, “It is time for you to come with me Naruto”
Madara walks into the circle and stands in front of naruto.
Madara: “Thank you naruto, without your help i couldn’t have seen my dream fulfilled”
Naruto: “…!!”

Bee: Naruto! don’t zone out on me motherfucka! i’ll take care of him you handle the other suckas”
Naruto holds out an arm to block bee, “Wait Bee, i have this under control”
Madara, ” under control Naruto?! Do you do not understand the position you are in? look around you, you’re surrrounded by 6 of the former jinchurrikis who now have both the rinnegan and the sharingan!”
Bee: “!!!”
eight Tails:” We need back up Bee, we can’t take them all on our own!”

Naruto, “…first tel me, what did you mean ‘without my help’?”
Madara, “ What you and your army have forgotton naruto is that i was also once in possesion of the Kyubbi. I Madara who has the sharingan and the rinnegan! Do you think there is anything you have been doing that i had not planned for?!

Naruto: “…”
Madara: ” heh, I credit you for taking nagato from me, i had other uses for him. i did not forsee him turning. But you naruto, Do you think it was luck that you were left free for so long whilst all the others were captured?

The ground suddenly explodes all around the Edo Golemns. Behind each one a naruto clone has come up from out of the ground and seized them from behind.

Naruto: “…No not luck. KAGE-RASENRIGAN!”

The Kagebunshins begin to glow brighter and brighter until they all explode creating 6 gigantic craters where they had stood.

Madara holds out his hand towards naruto palm forward and the scene suddenly changes.
Madara stands before the caged Kyubbi in narutos mind with naruto standing to one side.

Naruto: *what are we doing here!!*

Madara: “There is nothing about the 9 tails i don’t know naruto, there is nothing about the sage of the 6 paths that i do not know…there is nothing about YOU i don’t know!”

Fox: Madara!!!!”

The fox crashes against his cage and releases a deafoning roar

Madara: “You have grown naruto but what would you do if the nine tails was suddenly released from its cage?”
Naruto: “…”

Madara: ” How many kagebunshins have you created to get rid of my zetsu’s naruto…?!”
Naruto: “!!!”

Madara holds out his hand towards the nine tails and the cage melts way.
Madara: “He is yours to take now, make it quick!”

the scene changes back to the real world

Madara walks over to naruto with killer bee looking on to see what happens.
He grabs naruto with one arm and throws him over his shoulder.

Madara: i will be taking him Hacchibi, he still has some growing to do before i can make use of him. My friends will accompany you back to our base.

Madara Warps Away

As the dust clouds from the explosions begin to clear we see the Edo golem’s regenerating.

Scene Switches turn to Itachi and Nagato who are sitting down somewhere

Nagato opens his eyes
“It is our turn now”

Naruto 547: Naruto Vs Sasuke
by: King Leonin

Naruto 546: Return of the Child of Prophecy

We see darkness and eyes, large eyes and sharp teeth gleaming.

Then cut to Nagato walking through the field of Bodies.

Itachi is behind him, “ I see you are walking good on your own.”

Nagato, “yes, the controller is allowing it, he must be distracted. There are a lot of ninja that he has summoned this way.”

Itachi, “why are we here? Are you attempting to recreate your six paths?”

Nagato, “No, not exactly, but I have a plan. I need the aid of your MS for this to work.”

On Naruto.

He is jumping yards at a time now and the squad is barley keeping up while Bee is in the middle, making sure they keep track of them.

Yokohomaru, {this kid is fast, that aura of chakra surrounding him isn’t just for show. I hope the Generals know what their doing resting this on a kids shoulders. But then again Dad wasn’t an old man when he first had the village on his.}

Naruto, “come on we got to help. I need to stop all this now!”

Bee, “Hey calm down Orange ninja, we are all here to help you. You got power yes you do, but saving this world is not all on you.”

Naruto, “It is all on ….ugh!”

He collapses, the RS aura went away.

There is brilliant light, shining.

A voice, “I cannot get over this, It is amazing. I wonder how much time has passed?”

A dark bean of light intrudes. ‘

“hmmm, what? No no, I am fine here, I have no reason to go back.”

The dark beam disperses.

Another voice else where in the light, “I am not worthy of this gift of peace… I have done horrible things, even if they were for good reason.”
The dark beam comes to this voice.

“I .. I feel as if I can make a difference if only I could return, yes that is it I.”

Suddenly a hand appears and grabs a shoulder, “No my friend, you have done enough.”

It is J-man, dressed in a red and grey rob similar to a Kage, with no hat. he has his hand on The White Fangs’ Shoulder.

White Fang, “I spoke to my son, he needs me. The village needs me. I disgraced the Hatake name in life and in death.”

J-Man, “Kakashi? You sir under estimate your son. He is The copy Ninja, next in line to be Hokage! You have inspired him well enough, and the village sees you as one of the Legendary Leaf ninja, they still talk about the white fang!”

Hatake, “really? Jaraiya -Sama? If that is true I am most certainly proud of him. I would just get in the way there huh?”

J-Man, “Yes, Old men like us need to stay out of the way of youth, lol”

The dark light disperses.

Kabuto is shown sitting in front of a seal on the ground that has a black chakra blade and a small blade.

Kabuto, “Dammit, The Sanin was impossible But I almost had the white Fang. That would have definitely swayed Kakashi in the field, to face his father!”
{I nearly didn’t get these blades, this one was tossed near the Pein & Jaraiya fight. The other was deep in ANBU storage. Hmm, well, that’s what I get for being greedy}

Darkness. Eyes and white sharp teeth.

“you DAMN fox!”

Naruto is there on his knees.

“where are you? Why is it so dark in here?! Answer me?!”

The Fox appears standing in front of him, without the cage.

Fox, “You are so easy Naruto, easy to anger easy to think you are powerful, easy to think you can do anything!”

Naruto, “how did you get loose? I will put you back…”
He reaches for the seal on his stomach but there is no seal no RS chakra just him.

Fox, “Naruto, I am still in the cage, we are in my mind now. You have infected me, all this time I thought I was gonna over take you but it was the other way around. You are a disease.”

Naruto stands, “what are you talking about? I don’t have time for this let me out of here, I have to..”

The Fox slaps him yards away then appears right on top of him,” shut up, you stupid child!”

Naruto just looks p at him.

That chakra you have been using recently that you think you stole form me? Well I stole it from you first!”

Naruto shocked, “what?”

Fox, “The 4th Hokage took half of my chakra and sealed it away in the demon curse seal along with himself. I can’t get that back.”

It shows Minato taking the chakra and sealing it within himself.

“all these years since the firs seconds of me bing placed inside you I have been takin gtiny bits of your chakra, I need your yin chakra. “

Naruto, “but how?”

Fox, “you idiot, that seal was designed for my chakra to slowly leak in with yours to become part of your, it works both ways. As you were taking my yang, I was taking your yin”

Naruto, “ I don’t believe you, why tell me this?”

Fox, “because, you remind me of…her.”

Naruto, “mom?”

Fox, “No, Mito Uzumaki. She had so much light it sliced thru my darkness with ease. I never wanted to escape her, I never wanted to harm her. Bu ti was ripped away from her an d put inside Kushina. I know Mito was dying but I would gladly have died with her.”

Naruto, “You loved her?”

Fox, “NO! you are so foolish, I was finally free of anger, but once I go tit back I felt as if this was who I was, then you came along. At first it was easy to hate you. Then all this talk about bonds and love…”

Naruto looking at him.

Fox, “utter nonsense. I am no longer interested in taking your chakra, you can have access to all that is yours, I will no longer interfere with your body making it anymore.”

Naruto, “so I was suppose to have RS mode years ago?”

Fox, “RS…what? No the reason it looks that way is because it is mixing with the seal on your stomach and my yang chakra. You ar powerful Naruto, more powerful than I let you be. Bu t if I have a chance to see that masked freak that controlled me die, I will no longer try to do you harm.”

Naruto, “wait so are you trying to get me to let you out or are you really gonna cooperate with me like Bee and 8 tails?”

Fox, You don’t have to let me out of the cage just enter it when you need to, with that seal of the Rikudo Senin I can’t be taken form you, it works both ways.”

Naruto, “okay Fox, it’s a deal.”

Naruto starts to fade, “oh an di will try not to be so cocky too, brother.”

Fox, “brother? Nonsense utter nonsense”

Zetsu is popping up behind Madara as he is looking at his new Paths.

Zetsu, “we have a situation.”

The Alliance, Hinata is shocked, “uhm, Darui-kun?”

Darui sitting beside the Kyuubi brothers weapons but not holding them, “yes, what’s up? Trouble?”

Ther are several ninja around preparing.

The guy with bandages on his nose, “whjat the enemy is attacking at the break of dawn, huh?”

Hinata, “well as far as I can tell, it is Itachi uchiha an da gauy with the same eyes as Pein.”

Darui, “Itachi and Pein? We need more ninja for this.”

Hinata, “well that’s just it….”

Nagato and Itachi are walking in front of the fallen alliance ninja heading towards them.

“our allies are coming with them!”

Naruto 547: “the Alliance Army of Pein?”
by: Last Swordsmans Sword

Naruto Chapter 546: Clash of Kages

Raikage Scene

The Raikage and Tsunade are seen rushing to the landscape.
Katsuyu slips out the Hokages pocket.

Katsuyu: Tsunade-sama, we were confronted with some unexpected development.
The white Zetsus…when they were send on the battlefield they weren’t supposed to threat or kill in first line… the real task was to copy the chakras and body from different shinobis of the alliance that are infiltrating the bases and killing our Troops to seed mistrust and chaos in our divisions.
Sakura found it out after breaking one White Zetsu down who had first seemed to be Nejy Hyuuga. She already sent report to HQ where Shikaku found out a way to get loss of this Fake Alliance Ninjas. Seems Naruto is the key… he can sense the difference between the evil and good intended chakras within the army.
Tsunade: Ok so it seems Shikaku handled the situation… we must hurry Raikage!
Raikage: Hokage!!! This boy is really something! I think its really time for the next Generation. Lets give them our support we must lead them to victory
Tsunade: Right Commander!!!
She smiles and thinks of Naruto as a child swearing to be Hokage.

Scene Change to Naruto and Bee

Naruto: Ok Mr.Octopus, we are getting closer to the Combat Zone. How we gonna do this..Huh whos up there dattebayo????

It’s Shikaku who appears in Narutos mind.

Shikaku: Here’s Shikaku Nara from HQ… Naruto now i need you to be concentrated on what i tell you! The army needs you to bring us back on winners street. We need you to use the Kyuubi Mode too filter out some bad clones of our soldiers that slipped into the divisions. They must be detected and erased immediately before more people get hurt. This is a S-Rank Mission Naruto. Failure is not an option!!!!
Naruto: I already sensed some doubles since i came out the Chakrabarrier.
So this why i sensed some of our people twice at different places. This will take a while because i can’t use the Shadow Clone Jutsu while im sensing the evil ones in Kyuubi Mode. Im still not really freindly with the Kyuubi and the more chakra i use from him the more he drain mine.
Shikaku: One problem follows the other we mus….. (he gets interrupted)
Naruto: But I have a plan in mind…
Mr. Octopus change of plans. New orders for me from HQ, I need you to back up some troops that need our help.
Bee: You want the 8 tails to go wild like a beast, so show me the way to the place that you mean.
Naruto: 2km in this direction
Shikaku: Naruto you said you have an idea?
Naruto: Shikaku-sensei… don’t forget I’m the son of the Yellow Flash.
Shikaku smiles…
Shikaku: All right we’ll stay in contact. A Squad will be send out to support you.
Naruto: Right Mr.Octopus, lets kick it dattebayo!!!
Thes rush in differnt directions.

Scene change to Gaaras Division

Gaara: Is the sealing squad already done with the Barrier preparations?
They are still following us so they must plan for a direct fight. Tsuchikage-sama?
Tsuchikage: So the time has come… i always regretted not to beat my former Master.
Now i can give him Peace as i wanted to.
Shinobi: The Barrier is ready Kazekage-sama. We waiting for the signal to strike to set it on the enemy.

The Edo Kages are shown hunting down Gaaras division. they suddenly stop by Muu’s signal.
Muu: They’re here…let’s see what you got Oonoki.
Third Kazekage: Gaara… so you made it until here….
Second Mizukage: Hey what are this signs on the ground?
In the middle of their stance a light symbol appears.
Third Raikage: Oh shit… Reverse barrier summoning get out of here quick!!!
They try to escape the Area but out of nowwhere a massive amount of explosive Kunai are thrown from every direction right into the Edo Kages so they are forced to stay in the barrier symbol!
Third Raikage: Storm Release: Black Thunder Shield
The Kunais are blocked through the strong black raiton Shield that was released.
Tsuchikage: Seems our plan wasn’t bad… to think such big shinobi would fall for this.
Gaara: Father… we finally meet again!
The Edo Kages are now trapped in a 4 Pillar seal.
Third Kazekage: So the Sand and the Stone are allies now… what a shame!!!!
Gaara: No Father, the shame lies in the man who tried to kill his own son and who selled the village out for a low price to a criminal. Now is my time to show you what a real Kazekage does.
The edos look down as a carpet of explosive paper tags starts to explode.
Gaara: Got’em
The smoke clears and we see the edos standing on solid steel.
Second Mizukage: Not yet. Now get a taste of my Steel Jutsu.

Scene change to the Daimyous

Mizukage is standing in front of Uchicha Sasuke. His sharingan is activated and he appears in the middle of the patrol with a S/T Jutsu. Mizukage is shocked.
Sasuke: Chidori Nagashi
All the ninja that are guarding the patrol gets thrown back. The mizukage jumps in the air and prepares a Yoton shot but sasuke appears right behind her with S/T, grabs her by the neck and slams her on the ground. He looks in her eyes.
Sasuke: Tell me where is Uzumaki Naruto???

5 tanggapan untuk “[UPDATE!!!] Prediction and RAW Naruto Manga Chapter 546

  1. kyaknya di chapter 546 yg akan kluar nanti mlam bkal seru nih
    Menurut sya di chapter 546 Naruto akan menghadapi Madara dan 6 Pain Madara
    Dan diakhir chapter EMS Sasuke akan muncul
    Ini hanya perkiraanku lho ^_^bkal seru nih
    Menurut sya di chapter 546 Naruto akan menghadapi Madara dan 6 Pain Madara
    Dan diakhir chapter EMS Sasuke akan muncul
    Ini hanya perkiraanku lho ^_^

  2. ah…gk mgkn..cpt kali sasuke dipulihkan ama naruto…
    tu pndpt q sih…
    keknya hbs ngelawan madara bru deh naruto lawan sasuke..
    tp gk tw jg ya..

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