[Spoiler and Predictions] Naruto Manga Chapter 494

Naruto manga 494 spoiler

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Naruto 494: Gai vs. Kisame Part II.
Naruto 494: A Talk With Itachi
Naruto 494: The Beginning

This is only prediction.

Naruto 494: 2nd Step Begins

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Translation by: evil – NF

Naruto Manga Chapter 493Naruto fights against his dark version who represents his hatred. They both call each other the fake Naruto.

Meanwhile, Bee is beating some huge bears at Sumo and Hachibi tells Bee that he should help Naruto. Hachi says he hates Kyubi but that Hachi used to be bad back in the day before meeting Bee. Bee tells himto shut up and say he won’t accept that idiot who insults rap. This part ends with Bee saying “Plus he…”

Naruto and Yami-Naruto are evenly matched in everything and Naruto wakes up and explains the situation to Yamato and Motoi.(the battle was all in Naruto’s mind, BTW) Motoi explains that you can’t control the Bijuu unless you can win this fight. Naruto asks about Bee and Motoi explains how Bee was hated by everyone but got over it by learning how to express himself. And also that he was able to put up with it because he didn’t want to make his brother, the Raikage, look bad. Basically, he accepted the sacrifice for his brother’s sake. Naruto asks Motoi to ask Bee to help him but Motoi says he can’t. The reason being that Motoi once tried to kill Bee. Next week will focus on a tragic situation that happened 30 years ago…

A little more information. Yami-Naruto says that the Kyubi likes him a lot more than Naruto, and you get to see a shot of a Young Raikage and a Goofy Bee as a kid.

Title of the chapter is “Yami-Naruto”, or “Dark Naruto”.


by: Tribulation

Naruto 494: Itachi’s secret

Anko and one of the other two leaf ninja starts fighting against Kabuto.

The other leaf ninja teamed up with Tokuma to start fighting with Madara.
All four of them clash Kunai just to tested each other.

[Scene Changes to Waterfall of Truth]

Evil Naruto: When I join Akatsuki I’d have to gave them a gift. So I’m thinking of taking the 8-tails.
Kyuubi: Sasuke Sasuke that’s all you do Naruto!
Naruto got taken over by the Evil Naruto and started attacked Captain Yamato.
Evil Naruto: What do you think about my scary face Captain? Evil Naruto punched Yamato.
Kisame thinking the Evil Naruto just took over the Kyuubi’s host. This could be one of the unseen advantage for Akatsuki. I can used to our advantage.

Evil Naruto: Thanks Motoi for letting Naruto bring me out! [EVIL LAUGH]

Killer Bee dropped down from the tree.
Killer Bee: Yo! Evil you’ll have to face me now!
Evil Naruto: Yamato! I’ll killed you!
Evil Naruto knocked out Motoi and Yamato. Evil Naruto when into the Sage mode.
Killer Bee is becoming weak after every punched by Evil Naruto hits him with.
Gai notices the birds was flewing from where Naruto and Yamato. So the Ninjas that was guarding.
Gai arrives to see was gonna on. Kisame think Now I can get my revenge against the Konoha’s brainless ninja.
So he attacked Gai.
Hachibi: I’ll told you Bee that there was something wrong with your new sword.
Killer Bee: Yo don’t say I told you so.
Hachibi: I’d think I just did.

Killer Bee is unable to move but still alive.

Kisame: Naruto!
Evil Naruto: What do you want fish?
Kisame: Akatsuki knows everything about your family. This war isn’t about protect you. It’s about hidding the truth from you.
Evil Naruto: I’ll join you before I’d give you Kyuubi I have few questions for Madara. For a peace offering I will bring the Hachibi to you guys.
Kisame: Alright then.
Zetsu Appears.
Zetsu grabbed Kisame and Evil Naruto that was holding Killer Bee.
Zetsu, Kisame,Evil Naruto with Killer Bee disappear.

[Scene Change to a Akatsuki’s hideout]

Zetsu: Kisame is it wise to bring Naruto here?
Kisame: The Naruto that had the will of the fire got sucked into the darkness like Sasuke did.
Zetsu: Then He joined us after he became Evil right?
Kisame: Yes that’s what happen. He wants to asked Madara about his family and then after that He’ll give us the Kyuubi.
Zetsu: Madara joins forces with Kabuto.
Zetsu left

Evil Naruto starts to sound like Itachi.
Itachi using Naruto’s body.
Evil Naruto with Itachi’s voice: Kisame
Kisame: What the?
Itachi: I’m in Naruto!
Kisame: Prove it!
Evil Naruto closed his eyes and reopened his eyes.
Kisame sees the Evil Naruto with Sharingan.
Itachi: I know every thing Madara thinks that I don’t know.
If you tell Madara that I’m in Naruto. I’ll get Sasuke to kill you as well. I’m tell you cause you were my partner in Akatsuki and don’t tell Naruto. After the Kisame left.
Itachi snapped Naruto back to his good side.
Naruto: Where am I?
Kyuubi: Your evil self brought you here. You are in one of the Akatsuki’s hide outs.
Naruto: I thought I heard Itachi’s voice?
Itachi: You did heard my voice and Akatsuki thinks that you just join them.
Evil Naruto: It’s to late for you to go back. [Evil Laugh]
Nartuo remembers the seed that Captain Yamato made them ate before they meet Sasuke at one of Orochimaru’s lair.
Naruto focus his chakra to the seed.


[Scene Changes to back to the Waterfall of Truth]

Captain Yamato felt the Naruto’s seed that woke him up.
Yamato woke up Gai and Motoi.
They all notices that Killer Bee and Naruto is gone and not on the island.
They all where shocked.

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