Prediction: 469-470 (Faith in the Will of Fire)

Naruto is sitting at a table with the Kakashi, yamoto, sai, kiba, bushy brow, and sakura.
He has a troubled look on his face as he listens to their words. Then sakura looks at Naruto who immediately averts eye contact with her. Sakura is suddenly
surprised at this this action.
Sakura: “Naruto, you do not have to take on this burden alone. I was Sasuke’s teammate too. You do not need to take on this
heavy burden alone.”
Naruto: “Are you really that blind of how far this situation has gone?” The others are shocked at what they have just heard from Naruto. Sakura’s eyes begin to tear up.
Sakura: “I am well aware of the sacrifices you have made just to get us even close to sasuke but Im saying you do not have to
take those risks alone.”
Naruto: “And what exactly can any of you do in this situation? Nothing.”
Kiba gets mad and stands up slamming his fist on the table. The others are surprised at what kiba has done.
Kiba: “Don’t underestimate the rest of the ninjas in this village. Many of us have faught hard to get to where we are!”
Kakashi: “….”

Naruto looks up at Kiba and pulls out a kunai. He sets it on the table. The others are surprised at what they are seeing.
Naruto: “Sadly Kiba the shinobi we are facing now are not some simple bandit shinobi you may have faced thus far.”
Yamoto: “…”
Naruto: “I would have thought the assault by Pain on konoha would have taught many of you that by now.”
Naruto goes sage mode and instantly breaks the kunai at the middle of the blade in half. Everyone’s eyes stare in shock at what they are seeing. Naruto smiles and sets the blade edge first down into the table imbedding it deep in with no effort.
Naruto: “That is the kind of power you face out there. All it takes is one second of being off guard and you are….”
Naruto changes into sage mode and seems to be surprised. Kakashi and Yamoto notice Naruto’s expression with concern.
Kakashi: “What is it?”
Naruto: “We have guests incoming. Several shinobi including a tracker.”

On a hill side overlooking the cabin. Garaa, Shii, Kankuro, Temari, Tsuchikage, Raikage, and Mifune with a few samurai.
Raikage: “So are they in there or not Shii?”
Shii: “Im sensing 3 no 5 shinobi. What the?!”
Shii instantly senses the sage chakra and then sees a huge toad eye watching him.
Shii: “There is someone in there with a chakra unlike anything I have sensed before. I think it sensed me as well.”
Raikage: “Jinchuriki chakra? You have sensed that before with my brother.”
Shii: “No this is different. This chakra is almost alien. Its unlike anything I have ever sense before but whoever it is that is in there with them is far stronger than anything I have ever sensed before.”
Tsuchikage: “Then lets just go investigate who or what it is that is in there. Im freezing my butt off out here.”
Shii: “Its coming this way. It will be here any second.”
Raikage: “Everybody stand by and prepare for combat.”
Mifune: “Spread out. Do not let anyone get near the kages.”
Shii: “Its almost here.”
Raikage: “Where? I don’t see anything.”
Temari: “Look out! Its coming from above!”
The others scatter to avoid the huge shadow of the falling object. The object hits the snow hard causing the snow to flurry around obscuring their view. When the snow clears the others are shocked to see Sage Naruto with several clones with Kakashi and Yamoto riding on a huge toad with a massive sword. The samurai charge forward and naruto prepares a rasenshuriken.
Garaa: “Stop! It’s them!”
Naruto turns to look at Garaa and Garaa is shocked to see naruto’s eyes have changed as well as the monsterous rasenshuriken.
Raikage: “…”
Shii: “Boss its him. Thats the guy with the wierd chakra.”
Kakashi: “Easy naruto. These people are not akatsuki.”
Naruto powers down the rasenshuriken and jumps off the toad.
Naruto: “Thank you. Say hi to Pa Toad for me.”
Toad: “No problem kid.”
The Toad desummons while everyone stares at Naruto who is still in sage mode. Kakashi smiles and looks at everyone.
Kakashi: “Lets all get inside the cabin and rest. Its rather cold out here.”
Tsuchikage: “Finally someone I can agree with. My hands are frozen.”
Raikage thinking: “What was that jutsu he was about to use.”

Everyone is inside the downstairs section of the cabin. Everyone is staring at Naruto who stands by the fire. Raikage
Kakashi: “So that is what Madara is planning?”
Garaa: “Yes. He seems to be determined to summon this juubi and afflict everyone with a genjutsu.”
Yamoto: “So that what he meant by the eye of the moon plan.”
Raikage: “But all that is not as important now as what must be done. Naruto and my brother must not fall into his hands.”
Naruto: “And what makes you think I can’t defend myself against them?”
Garaa: “Naruto, we have no idea just what Madara has planned so we have no way to protect you if you are on the battlefield.”
Naruto: “Or do you mean to protect yourselves?”
Garaa: “…..”
Tsuchikage: “Don’t worry kid. You will be kept in good safe hands until this is all over.”
Naruto: “And when will that be. 1 year? 5 years? 10 years? Madara has hunted me my whole life since the day I was born but he has never gotten me nor will he now.”
Raikage: “And if you refuse to come my people will gladly keep you locked away until this crisis is over.”
Naruto: “I would like to see you try.”
Raikage: “You impudent brat!”
Kakashi: “Easy naruto. Why don’t you go check on the others upstairs.”
Naruto: “….”
Naruto heads up the stairs and the door to upstairs closes.
Kakashi: “I think the real issue here is that all of this right now is based on reaction from threat instead of relying on actual information.”
Garaa: “How so?”
Kakashi: “I don’t think any of you in this room with the exception of myself or yamoto who realize just how powerful Naruto really is?”
Yamoto: “Should we really tell them this?”
Kakashi: “Relax. How much do you really know about what happened to Konoha a few days ago?”
Raikage: “My people have said that there was a battle with akatsuki but no one was killed except for 7 members of akatsuki with one unaccounted for still.”
Kakashi: “But did your people tell you that the persons who attacked konoha included a user of the Rinnegan?”
Tsuchikage: “The rinnegan? So Madara really does have someone with the rinnegan.”
Kakashi: “Had is the more appropriate word. That rinnegan user aka Nagato was killed in action during that battle.”
Everyone gasps except for kakashi and yamoto who looks concerned.
Tsuchikage: “That boy killed a legendary Sage? How?”
Kakashi: “By becoming one himself.”
Garaa: “So Naruto is a sage now?”
Kakashi: “Correct. A toad sage to be exact. That is not the least of it though cause there is something more.”

Naruto walks into the room. The others are listening through a hole in the floor when Naruto walks in. They are all startled when Naruto walks into the room.
Naruto: “Can I have a moment alone with sakura?”
Kiba: “But they were just about to talk about their plans concerning you. Don’t you want to know yourself?”
Sakura: “Its alright guys. I need some time alone with Naruto.”
Sai, Kiba, and Bushy brow leave the room through the same door that naruto entered.
Naruto: “Im sorry for being so harsh with what I said before but its the truth. They all incapable of fighting in this situation since none of them is nearly strong enough to take on akatsuki.”
Sakura: “And what about sasuke?”
Naruto: “Sasuke has been manipulated by so many people, he isnt the person I knew any more. He has become a tool of a bigger monster.”
Sakura: “So you still intend to search for him?”
Naruto: “Yes but now more than ever since I must know for sure if this is truly the choice he has made.”
Sakura: “Sai also told me about other things.”
Naruto thinking: “What else did Sai tell her about.”
Sakura: “There is something else I must know though Naruto.”
Naruto: “What is it sakura?”
Sakura: “Do you really love me?”
Naruto: “….”

Raikage has a smile on his face as does Tsuchikage while Garaa’s eyes are wide at what he has just heard as are the eyes of everyone else except for kakashi and yamoto.
Raikage: “I never would have imagined it. The Yellow flash actually had a son and that boy is it.”
Kakashi: “That is correct. Naruto already has shown he has the capability to easily surpass the fourth hokage. In fact he already has to some extent.”
Tsuchikage: “And this jutsu that the boy created can actually do what you say it can do?”
Kakashi: “Exactly. I saw it myself. Its potent enough that probably if used at the right time could be the only weapon possible to truly defeat Madara.”
Raikage: “Alright. Its settled. If this boy is as powerful as you say he is then he may be our best weapon against madara.”
Tsuchikage: “I guess my plan of the 8 tails and 9 tails working in tandem with the alliance is not such a bad idea, eh kazekage?”
Garaa: “I still have my doubts but none the less you have presented a pretty strong arguement.”
Raikage thinking: “Convincing my brother to behave on the other hand will not but if this kid is as strong as what he suggests then he could probably handle him even better than I could.”
Raikage smiles and Mifune looks at all the others in the room.
Mifune: “So we are in agreement then. Naruto will be immediately given the assignment to trackdown the 8 tails accompanied by team samui and yamoto.”
Kakashi: “I will go check on Naruto and tell him the news.”

Killer Bee is shown standing on top of a tree top overlooking a huge swamp with sharks swimming around the tree.

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