Prediction B: 469 Spoiler Killer Bee vs. Kisame

Naruto Manga Chapter 469 Spoiler Killer Bee vs. Kisame
-Killer Bee vs. Kisame

(Kisame and Killer Bee stares each other down, while Sabu balls up his fist and grins, as tears pour down his face.)
Another Specialist Prediction

-Killer Bee vs. Kisame

(Kisame and Killer Bee stares each other down, while Sabu balls up his fist and grins, as tears pour down his face.)

“The pinnacle of brute and might between two beastly adversaries of this accursed Shinobi world will capture the hearts of many! I shall witness this battle and make a piece of work satisfyingly refreshing yet heart racing as the sound of my soul will beat the rawest form of fear into the hearts of the aspiring,” yelled Sabu.
(Killer Bee’s eyes tear up from hearing Sabu’s speech as Kisame draws out his Samehada.)

“If you don’t quiet down old man, I’ll have no qualms about shaving you into ribbons,” said Kisame. “HOW DARE YOU! PONTA,” yelled Sabu. “ROAR,” roared Ponta. (Killer Bee turns around.) “Calm down Sab Chan! Leave dis fool to me and you stay cool right there, especially you, you bear,” said Killer Bee. (As Killer Bee’s back is turned Kisame prepares to downward slash Killer Bee from behind.)

“Watch it,” yelled Sabu. (Killer Bee slightly turns his head, as Killer Bee spins to Kisame’s right side, evading the blow of the sword. Immediately, Killer Bee gives Kisame a straight right hand to Kisame’s face. Kisame goes flying into a tree, as Sabu cheers. Killer Bee than approaches the tree, puts up his pointing fingers and points them at Kisame.)

“All you can do is dish it but you can’t take it! You ain’t nothing but a fish face with no ace uh huh,” said Killer Bee. (As Kisame gets himself out of the print on the tree he rubs his face with one hand and tightly grabs his Samehada with the other as he grins.) “That speed paired with his taijutsu… He is surely of a different breed of shinobi I’m use to dealing with. I figured such an attack wouldn’t work, but now I know how far to up my activation,” thought Kisame.

(Killer Bee is rushing towards Kisame with both of his blades drawn out in each of his hands.) “I’ll turn you into a disaster for threatening my master,” yelled Killer Bee. (He now spins around and around like a spinning top, zipping across the area and cutting down trees in a zigzag fashion.)

“Ponta,” yelled Sabu. (Sabu jumps on top of his beast, as it backs off far away, as Killer Bee nears Kisame’s location, Kisame positions his body and his blade so that his blade’s hilt is leaning towards him as his blade sticks in the ground at a slight slant that points outwards form his body with is right hand secured on the top of the handle. Kisame bends down behind the mass of his blade for defense. CLASH! As Killer Bee continuously spins and attacks the blade of Kisame, the bandages rip off at the middle section as the shark scales lift up and causes sparks that fly from the friction, as Killer Bee continuously spins in a circular motion with his blades twirling about. As Kisame starts to gain strength and push back slightly as he starts to stand straighter, Killer Bee channels the lightning element into his blades, which slowly pushes Kisame back down.)

“Oh ho,” said Kisame. (Soon the chakra around Killer Bee’s blades gets absorbed; Kisame then pushes back even further.) “My chakra,” thought Killer Bee. (Kisame starts to grin as he gains the upper hand, however he notices Killer Bee has stopped spinning and is wobbling about.) “What’s this,” questioned Kisame. “Dizzy like a hippie,” mumbled Killer Bee. (Kisame grins as he kicks his own blade with his right foot, which lifts the blade upwards, Killer Bee sees it though it’s blurry and he jumps back. Kisame then rushes forward while Killer Bee is still dazed.

Kisame gets near and swings his blade horizontally up high near Killer Bee’s head however, Killer Bee ducks and prepares to strike Kisame in his gut with both of his short swords however, Killer Bee is still dizzy and is slow to line up the attack effectively, as the blades are position far apart from each other and are held dangly. Kisame takes notice and knees Killer Bee in the face with his left knee as Killer Bee drops his blades. The attack however, knocks Killer Bee back to his senses, and as soon as Kisame grips the handle of his blade with both hands and attempts a downward slash at Killer Bee, Killer Bee backs off as Kisame’s blade strikes the ground.)

“Looks like that that woke you up,” said the grinning Kisame.

(Kisame pulls his blade out of the ground and gives chase towards Killer Bee as the scene switches over to the Land of Iron. Outside a room in cabin, Kakashi, Yamato, and the seedlings from Konoha talks about the importance of what Naruto and Sakura are talking about.)

“It was that serious that it couldn’t wait I see… But guys know the risks you each face by following us. Naruto and Yamato Kohai were careful to avoid Root’s detection, I only hope you guys were able to do the same,” said Kakashi. “Nahh, we’re too slick for that, right Sai,” asked Kiba. (Kiba gets no play.) “Fine whatever,” said Kiba.

(Yamato moves over to Kakashi’s location and starts to whisper.) “OOH TELL US,” yelled Lee. “Crap,” said Yamato. “Oh, I see you guys want to listen in? Since I’m of the Inuzaku clan, I can make it happen with my ears,” said Kiba. (Kakashi and Yamato sighs.) “I already know what’s going to happen,” said Sai. (Everyone in the hallway takes notice to Sai’s claim. The Scene switches over to Naruto and Sakura as they sit across each other from a table.)

“Are you kidding me? Sai told you something like that? What a jerk, I’ll have to wring his neck,” said Naruto Jokingly. “Everything is such a damn game to him,” thought Sakura. “You’re not causing me any pressure or, stress that’s crazy Sakura,” said Naruto. “Stop being such a damn fool for once,” said Sakura. “Sakura, what are you talking about,” asked Naruto. “You’re only trying to save Sasuke for my sake, because of a promise you made to me! And because of that, because of all the bad things he had done, it puts other villages against your decision. So in order to protect you as well as the village, I’m asking you to give up on Sasuke, please,” said Sakura. (Tears fall from her eyes.)

“Sai, what the hell did you tell her,” thought Naruto. “Please Naruto,” sobbed Sakura. “Sakura, I know the risks,” said Naruto. “Then,” said Sakura. “I’ll never weigh the village over Sasuke’s life, or vice versa. I’ll find away to save both Sasuke and the village, and I don’t bend my words, because that’s my way of the shinobi,” said Naruto. (Sakura is taken back as she remembers the promise Naruto made to Sakura in regards to saving Sasuke for her. The scene switches back to the present as Sakura begins to cry again as she smiles.)

“You’re such an idiot Naruto. You know that right,” asked Sakura. (The Scene switches over to a mountainous cliff overlooking a village in the land of the Iron. The Kages and their aides with the exception of Shii, are standing near the cliff.)

“They’re probably here, it is a nice tourist spot for resting travelers in our land,” said Mifune. “AHH, I’ll have to kick down these doors until I find them,” said Raikage. (Everyone is shocked from the response of the Raikage.) “But boss, you already owe for the damages of the end table as well as the wall back at the conference room,” said Darui. “If you don’t’ shut yo face I’ll make you pick up all the tabs,” yelled Raikage.

(Soon Shii lands in.) “That won’t be necessary,” said Shii. “Have you finished sending the communication lizards to Samui Team, as well as to the village,” asked Raikage. “Yeah, I also sent information regarding all that has happened to all of the hidden villages it will take a bit for everyone to get notified, though Samui’s Team should get the news quickly,” said Shii.

“Good now help us with the Copy Cat’s squad,” said Raikage.

“Is Naruto here,” asked Gaara. “Just give me a sec,” said Shii. (He forms a handseal and closes his eyes then opens them.) “Yep, though it seems there are more Konoha hounds here as well; I wonder what that could mean,” asked Shii. “Don’t matter, now let’s go,” yelled Raikage. (He rushes forward and jumps off the cliff as everyone sighs.)

“The energy of that hot headed youth never ceases to amaze me,” said Tsuchikage.

(The Scene switches back towards Kisame vs. Killer Bee. Kisame and Killer Bee have effectively reduced the area into chopped lumber and tree stumps the two fighters stands 15 feet from each other, as Killer Bee sweats a little.)

“Dang… This leech is more trouble than that Uchiha runt. Not to mention, that blade of his absorbs all of my chakra. I’ll have to end it before he can absorb anymore of my chakra. That’s it, I’ll catch him off guard with number eight’s speed before he can react,” thought Killer Bee.

(Killer Bee starts banging his head like he’s listening to music.) “What’s up with this guy? Did I not knock some screws loose,” questioned Kisame. (Killer Bee then points his finger at Kisame.) “Time for Number 8! Now you will be bait you fish face,” said Killer Bee. (Kisame smiles as his sword starts to vibrate as he

places his weapon back in its holder on his back, giving him room to make handseals.) “More chakra for my Samehada it seems, he must be getting nervous drawing on his Bijuu’s power. Water Element: Bursting Water Collision Waves,” said Kisame. (Huge amounts of water start to rush out of Kisame’s mouth as Killer Bee’s body begin to form the tailed state’s aura around him, moving up from his feet. The scene switches back to the Land of Iron, the Kages and their aides approach a cabin.)


469: Shattered Dreams

(Sasuke Scene)
(Sasuke opens his eyes. He’s covered with bandages and rests in a bed in a gloomy room; Karin is seated next to Sasuke, staring at him with a lusty look)
Karin: Sasuke-kun, you’re awake…
Sasuke: Where am I? Where’s Danzou?
Karin: Hummm, Madara brought us here…
Sasuke: (gets up quickly) Madara! When I get him…
Karin: But you haven’t recovered yet!
Madara: (enters the room) Called me?
Sasuke: You…! (he shakes and falls in the floor)
Karin: Sasuke! (she quickly grabs Sasuke)
Madara: You failed. If it wasn’t me and your companion there, you’d be dead. (Karin helps Sasuke to sit in the bed)
Sasuke: You knew I wanted Danzou…
Madara: Desire doesn’t equal capability. You’re still weak, Sasuke, and you showed it when you went against the Kages. If you still think that with that feeble power you can overthrow all the Konoha, especially Naruto?
Karin: …
Sasuke: Hmpf, you’re more worried about him than me.
Madara: Your stupid pride you’ll be your downfall, Sasuke. Your vision is deteriorating at an alarming speed, and yet you keep foolishly going forward… tell me, Sasuke, how you’ll accomplish your revenge being as blind as a mole?!
Sasuke: It’s none of your business.
Madara: I can give you the power you need and save your eyes…
Sasuke: I don’t need your pity.
Madara: The Five Great Ninja Nations declared war on us. If you still think that your powers are enough against the entire ninja world, you’re delusional! Now, more than ever, you must listen to me!
Sasuke: …

(Konoha nin Scene)
(Naruto and Sakura are entering the room; Kakashi, Yamato, Sai, Kiba and Lee wait outside the inn)
Kiba: (sneezes) Why do we have to be outside, under the snow? Couldn’t we just wait inside, but just not in the room? (Akamaru barks)
Sai: What they have to say to each other is personal, so I think we shouldn’t listen to their conversation for their sake.
Yamato: (thinking) Who would think that the Sai we met a few months ago and this Sai are the same… what a fine growth from you…

(Naruto Scene)
(Naruto and Sakura sit in front of each other)
Naruto: It’s about Sasuke, isn’t it?!
Sakura: (stares at the floor) Yes…
Naruto: Don’t worry, Sakura. I’ll bring Sasuke back. Even if he’s with the Akatsuki, even if he has descended into the darkness, I’ll bring him back to the light, even if I have to smack the snot out of him! I’ll make the other nations understand! I’ll stop Danzou and his ways! (he smiles, she closes her eyes) You’ll see, Team 7 will be back together, and thirst thing we’ll do is to eat an extra-large bowl of ramen back at Ichiraku’s Bar! Just wait, I’ll fulfill my promise!

(Flashback Scene)
Sakura: Naruto, I beg you! Please… please bring Sasuke back! I couldn’t do it… I couldn’t stop him! The only person… who can probably save Sasuke-kun now is you, Naruto, only you…
Naruto: Sakura-chan, you really like Sasuke, huh? I know how much pain you’re in because of Sasuke, I can understand.
Sakura: Naruto… thank you.
Naruto: Don’t worry, I’ll bring him back! Promise of a lifetime!

(Naruto Scene)
Sakura: (crying a river) Naruto, please stop…
Naruto: What’s wrong, Sakura-chan?
Sakura: All these years, you vowed your life to bring Sasuke back to Konoha, just because of that promise. You’re in pain because of Sasuke, and it’s all my fault! If only I didn’t asked you to bring Sasuke back… you must hate me so much for putting such a weight in your shoulders, and worse, I neglected your feelings towards. I beg you, please let Sasuke go! I know it’s against all we lived in these three years, but I don’t want to see you suffering anymore!
Naruto: Sakura…

(Kirabi Scene)
Kirabi: So your came after me, fish-head? Wasn’t the failure of your Uchiha pal enough for you, Akatsuki scum?
Kisame: Don’t mistake me with that kid, Hachibi. I’m more experienced than him in this job, I won’t be fooled by such a pathetic maneuver like him!
Sabu: Enough! (he runs along the giant axe) You have no right to interrupt an enka practice! (lands on Ponta)
Kirabi: But, Sabu-chan..!
Sabu: (grabs his axe with both arms) Silence, Kirabi! Now I’ll show you the passion of my Enka! Ponta, charge! (the dog charges towards Kisame)
Kisame: A little warm up shouldn’t hurt…
Sabu: ♪Oh, the way of the Shinobi, just like the moon, it grows and it vanishes. (swings his weapon, Kisame parries) The hateful destiny of the Ninja, it takes lives as it fancies. The power, it melts in the hand of the unworthy! (swings again, Kisame dodges; they start parrying each other’s attacks) Oh destiny, more evil then the Bijuu, your ever-spinning wheel will consume all, making us fade into nothingness. In this game of wits and blades, I’ll deliver my heart and soul to break free from your villainy, oh fate of mine! ♪ (Kisame gets an opening and slices one of Ponta’s paws, sliding to his belly and slicing it too; Ponta disappears in a cloud of smoke; Sabu lands unharmed)
Kisame: Hehe, the mongrel is out…
Sabu: Don’t think I’m over yet, there’s more! I’ll show you the full splendor of my Enka! (makes a large swing, chopping the nearby tree; Kirabi ducks; Kisame jumps to avoid the blade) ♪You’re above me in strength and in health, but I’ll go on, even if it breaks me down. So now, without delay, I’ll raise my voice, against the fate of the Shinobi! Everyone, weep with me! ♪
Kirabi: (thinking) All that passion… it was beautiful! Oh Sabu-chan, now I really want to be just like you!
Kisame: (lands in Sabu’s back, slicing near his neck) And the old geezer is out too. (Sabu drops the weapon; Kisame jumps back; Kirabi rushes towards them) I must thank you for the warm up and for the chakra appetizer for Samehada!
Kirabi: Sabu-chan!
Sabu: ♪ Come, come, come, don’t let my Enka die! Precious, glorious, generous the Enka must be! May its glory be with you, Kirabi! ♪ (he falls unconscious; Kirabi puts Sabu in a safe distance)
Kirabi: (glaring at Kisame) ♪ Now it’s personal, tuna breath! (pulls out his swords and assumes his famous pose) I’ll cut and slice you for my sushi, oh yeah! ♪
Kisame: (thinking) Why I always get the cloud cuckoo landers? (speaking) Good, let’s begin, shall we?

Next Chapter: His Heart has Spoken

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