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Thanks to anyone who made this computer for ‘searching box’ feature in it.

  • The alarm clock tells you when to go to sleep.
  • You’re not ashamed of drooling in class anymore.
  • You know what Superglue tastes like. (believe me,it’s not good)
  • You celebrate space and observe your birthday.
  • Coffee and Red Bull are tools, not treats.
  • People are nauseated just by smelling your caffeine breath.
  • You are surprised when you see an art piece in your school.
  • You think everything is possible.
  • You’ve fallen asleep in the bathroom.
  • You’ve listened to all your CDs in less than 48hours.
  • Your laptop or pc nv shut down.
  • You’re not seen in public.
  • You lose your house keys for a week and you don’t even notice.
  • You take notes and leave messages with a rapidograph and expensive colour markers.
  • You combine breakfast, lunch and dinner into one single meal.
  • You see holidays only as extra sleeping time.
  • You’ve got more photographs of references than of actual people.
  • You can live without human contact, food or daylight, but if you can’t print it’s chaos.
  • When you’re being shown pictures of a trip, you ask about the human scale, the lighting, taken of wat cam, bla bla bla.
  • You can use Photoshop, Illustrator and make a web page, but you don’t know how to use Excel.
  • You refer to great designer (dead or alive) by their first name as if you knew them(Frank, Corbu,Mies, Norman,David).
  • You buy 50 dollars worth of magazines that you haven’t read yet.
  • girlfriend or boyfriend is not important anymore when u bz doing ur work.
  • A graphic designer’s job’s scoop = product design+carpenter+fashion design+lifestyle design+model+photographer+photo director+image consultant+bla bla bla… gosh!!!m i still a graphic designer ?
  • You will know what time your mouth started to smell bad in the MORNING.
  • You will forget what is the meaning of sleeping.
  • you will be STONE when you run Out of ideas. (this is TRUE)
  • exam means nothing to you. study is no longer your priority.
  • assignments and projects are more important than ur life. late submissions = DEAD.
  • going out is not just for fun anymore, but to observe and get ideas!
  • Fake Designers tend to/normally show their Bitchy attitude. Real Designers are much nicer and maybe more humble to earth.
  • U dragged urself back to hostel in flip flops, shirt of yesterday’s, n 3/4 asleep face just in time others were marching their way handsomely to morning lectures
  • U go for a shopping spree for papers, markers, model boards, glues, cutters, pc rams and printer inks instead of shoes n clothes even there is no mega sale (there never is for this kinda stuff)
  • You don’t care if people see you in your scruffiest torn shirt and pyjamas at work. But if there’s a formal dinner,
  • you’d be the one competing to look the best.
  • You have to to put up with egoistical “Its-MY-idea/design” sort of people who see only what they want to but can draw amazing perspectives on paper
  • You notice people “take pride” in staying up and working late nights but pretend it’s a burden
  • You don’t watch movies at the cinema. You watch them in a minimised window on your pc while you do 3d.
  • My studio, my kitchen, my bedroom!!!
  • You can make sense out of nonsense and make people believe it all makes perfect sense! hahaha
  • When you doodle on paper, it is usually a 3-d object with rendered shadows.
  • You talk about buildings and it’s material,method of construction bla bla bla on
  • You stayed up straight for a week before the submission, get all dressed up for the presentation, then shut ur senses to the outside world for the coming week.
  • You have stocks of maggi n all the instant supplies along with the 3-in-1’s in the studio and when we talk about studio, what’s yours is everyone’s.Sounds familiar huh?
  • And that include all the masking tape, technical pens, butter papers and even mouse!
  • Noone will tease you if you come to the studio in pj’s.Its an everyday scene


2 thoughts on “DESIGNER’S ATTITUDE

  1. Ajay Zula

    Hi man. this is the message. The comandments for the designers. You woke mw up dear. Thank you.
    Well I am an Animation film designer and like photography.


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