The Rule of Love

barusan nemu sesuatu yang apik di internet…

kiss on the lips = i love you

kiss on the ear = you are special

kiss on the nose = laughter

kiss on the cheek = friendship 

kiss on the forehead = I comfort you

kiss on the neck = I want you

kiss on the shoulder = you are wonderful

kiss anywhere else = be careful

play around with hair = can’t live without you

hidding hands = happiness

arms around waist = you are mine, I need you

a hug = a care

nibble on ear = start warming…!!!

smiling at eachother = I like you

lifting up eyebrows/wink= flirtation

looking around = hiding true feelings

tender kiss on the side of your lips = you’re mine

wetting your lips = waiting 4 a kiss

tear drop = I’m loosing you

crying = I lost you

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